The Magnetic Mallet
is the most innovative device for minimally invasive oral surgery and implantology specifically developed for shaping bone tissue fast and in an easily predictable, controllable way. Instead of removing healthy bone tissue by cutting or drilling, practitioners are now able to shape and preserve the bone without generating any heat or aerosols.

Prof. Prisana Pripatnanont answering your questions - the Magnetic Mallet Q&A pt. 1

Prof. Prisana Pripatnanont explains the Magnetic Mallet technology.

How it works

In less than 120 microseconds, the Magnetic Mallet is capable of releasing a kinetic impulse of up to 260 daN while reaching an acceleration of 5,000g. Each impulse is triggered via a foot pedal, allowing the operator to use both hands freely. Because forces are being applied to the tip of the instruments in a very targeted manner these extremely short impulses drive the specialized instruments very effectively. The reduced inertia keeps patient's discomfort at a minimum and does not cause vertigo or nausea (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)).

In this episode, Prof. Prisana Pripatnanont explains how the Magnetic Mallet works.
Prof. Prisana Pripatnanont shares her experience using the Magnetic Mallet technology.
Magnetic Mallet applied forces
Magnetic Mallet standard configuration

Clear Benefits


SPEED - The kinetik impulse delivers much more force within much shorter time than manual tools and leads to increased effectiveness of the procedure.

ABSOLUTE PRECISION - Energy forces are delivered precisely to the treatment area limiting dispersion to the craniofacial mass. This level of precision provides much more comfort for your patient and greater accuracy during your treatment.

CONTROLLED DIRECTIONALITY - Precise and constant longitudinal movement avoids deviations due to varying bone densities. You have total control during the entire procedure.

NO HEAT, NO AEROSOLS - The mechanical friction between the instrument and the bone is developed within microseconds, a time frame not sufficient to increase the bone temperature. With no heat being generated, the Magnetic Mallet does not require any cooling and doesn't produce potentially dangerous aerosols.

CLEAR VISIBILITY - Because no irrigation is required and only one hand is needed for use, your view is unobstructed. The instrument’s depth is easily monitored and controlled.

NO DRILLING - The Magnetic Mallet preserves bone tissue by moving, re-shaping and condensing it. It never removes healthy bone or soft tissue which considerably shortens your patient's recovery time. 

NO DISCOMFORT - Unlike traditional osteotomy techniques, the Magnetic Mallet does not cause Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and the associated symptoms. Also, fixation of the mandible is no longer required during the procedure. Your patients enjoy a much more comfortable treatment. 

See how the Magnetic Mallet allows for sinus lift procedures to be performed in a controllable, fast and safe way.
In addition to the standard setup and instruments, accessories like the Easy-Pin, the Crown Remover and many more specialized instruments are available for your daily dental treatment.


Osseotouch’s solution for more conservative and atraumatic tooth extractions was designing the Easyroot, which like the Magnetic Mallet is using the magneto-dynamic technology.

Atraumatic extractions allow you to preserve healthy tissue and speed up your patient's recovery process considerably. The magneto-dynamic impulse delivers much more force than manual tools can. This means increased effectiveness, shorter procedure durations and higher patient satisfaction.

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